Did You Say Good Morning to Yourself Today?


I remember during my early childhood, in the small village of Bihar waking up early in the morning was like everyday ritual. The priest of village will wake up at around 4pm and start singing loudly the morning mantras and devotional songs which will act like the alarm clock and wake up everyone in the village. The Namaz prayers offered on loudspeaker at the mosque at nearby village will be another morning alarm to wake the villagers. Even today after several years, I wake up around 5am because of my body clock adjusted to this daily habit of early rising.

Living in Mumbai, we entire family go to bed as early as 10.30pm and everyone including my kids are out of bed by 6.15am in the morning. We have been commented as old fashioned due to this habit but the immense benefit that we get because of this early Happy Sunday morning images rising are immense and enriching for me as well as my family.

One may have some questions in the mind the gains that we achieved while waking up so early in the morning?

1) I am 38 years old and till today lived very healthy life. Whenever I have consulted the doctor for routine health checkup, I am complimented by doctors for maintaining perfect health and balanced lifestyle.

2) I go to bed by 10.30pm and wake up by 5am – I get 2 hours of private time which I use for yoga and daily exercises, listening to music, reading books and anything else that I desire to do in my life.

3) I spend 15 minutes for planning my day and that helps me be focused on conducting myself dutifully and get best out of everyday in my life.

4) I see every morning the rising sun which brings new energy into my mind that it’s important to grow and rise. The darkness of real life cannot be eliminated by switching on the electric bulb but working on it slowly and gradually as a rising sun.

5) I breathe in unpolluted fresh air and that freshens up my mind and energizes my body to get ready to fulfill my daily duty.

The importance of morning

Morning is an important part of our life. If you observe closely, because you wake up late the whole day gets hassled out. You start rushing out for the things like sending kids to school, preparing the breakfast, completing your daily routine. You have control on sleeping as long as you want but you do not have control or choice to reach office whenever you want; you do not have choice for sending kids whenever you want. https://hinduifestival.com/good-morning-sunday-images/ And to meet these time bound activities you start hurrying up and that causes mental stress, hassle, trauma and physical tiredness.

Once you are tired in the morning the effect of this continues for the whole day. You start shouting at your kids. You start nudging over minor issues with your colleagues. You start fighting with your partner. Because so early in the morning your mind and body is hassled and tired because you had much less time to accomplish your daily routine than what it would have taken otherwise.

How to setup habit for early rising?

1. To begin with keep your alarm clock away from your bed side table. If you normally wake up at 7am do not set the target for 5am on day one. You can reduce it gradually by 15 minutes per week. This way probably within 2 months you will achieve the target of waking up anytime around 5am to 6am.

2. Set the purpose of your waking up next morning. One of the major reason for people sleeping late is of we do not have the purpose to rise early. You can easily recall the days when you have to catch early flight or planned for outdoor picnic with your friends or you need to visit airport to pick up your friend whom you are meeting after long time. For all such occasions where you have to wake up for some purpose or pleasure, the mind has set the alarm and you wake up much before the scheduled time that you set in your mind. To begin with, you can buy your favorite book that you aim at reading and set the target that every morning you will read for an hour. You can buy music and listen it. Or acquire new skills or you can set the target of losing few pounds from your body and start looking healthy and fit. The purpose that you will set will tune your mind for early rising and work more powerfully than the alarm clock.

3. Every night before you sleep, remember the good things that you have achieved because of waking up early today. This will help boost your morale and give you a feel of satisfaction that it really worked for your favor.

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