How to Apply Wiccan Spells and Charms


When there is so much energy all around us, do we really need anything else to bring in that extra bit of luck to our lives? Yes, to derive the best from nature and to bring added luck to your life, we may need to accumulate our inner energy to revitalize our inner self.

The very word “spell” reminds us of the several fairy tales that we have heard from our childhood days. The story of the prince who turned into a frog was quite popular then. The needle on which the spell was cast to prick and make the princess fall asleep for years and many more such stories which dealt with spells were quite familiar.

On the other hand charms are mostly defined as some magical objects which can bring good luck. A doll in some mythical story given to a little girl by her mother on the death bed, showered in luck into the girl’s life. She was saved from every uncanny situation. Ex back spell Her stepmother was the witch.

Yes, Wiccan spells and charms not only bring luck and fortune in the lives of the fairy tale characters, but also in our lives. Ranging from spells of broader categories like money, love, etc. to simple categories like: your pet’s health, helping grow more plants in your garden, growing slim, keeping young etc, these spells find a prominent place in quite a number of individuals’ lives.

Wiccan charms on the other hand are some beads or amulets which are assigned to perform certain tasks in your lives bringing in that extra bit of luck. A youth charm can help maintain youthfulness and a health charm can look after your health.

But performing of Wiccan spells and charms are not so easy. Observing certain rules is a must. Not abiding by these codes can bring in misfortune and sometimes can cause a spell to bounce back quite adversely.

Using the Wiccan spells and charms to bring in bad luck for some person or to dominate someone without their wish is strictly prohibited by Wiccan spells and charms. Thinking wisely and measuring the pros and cons of spells or charms are what all the Wiccan spell and charm performers are expected of.

The Wiccan spells can sometimes be very simple, comprising of just a bit of a phrase or a line maybe, but again it can be very complicated. Some spells are supposed to be conducted during specific time of a month to complete a full cycle.

To get the best results and to keep evil out and bring in luck, several magical objects can be used. But, then again the ways of placing the objects, the directions or other instructions if prescribed are suppose to be followed very accurately.

The only problem we can encounter when all this is not followed. This may result in the occurrence of a back spell. Wiccan spells and charms with its sheer glory are bound to shine over our lives with luck only, when done with utmost care and patience.

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