Matcha Magic – The Foundations And Vision For The Future



This was followed by two successful stock market launches. By 2008, Mr Jicha had developed a European wide distribution network with an annual turnover of 120 million Euros and successfully managed this organization as its Chairman.

At the beginning of 2009 Horst Jicha was looking for a fresh start. Inspired by Matcha, a centuries old naturally cultivated product from Asia, the idea originated for the creation of refined Matcha products for the health conscious consumer and the development of a unique direct sales platform for an international distribution network.

The unique formulations upon which the idea for the development of Matcha green tea products for consumers in the Western world was born. Everyone would have access to Matcha green tea products, their health benefits and their extraordinary appeal. In order to turn this vision into reality, Horst Jicha commissioned a Research and Development team with the goal to radically rethink, in the context of ancient knowledge, matcha green tea healing methods and the latest technologies from modern bio-system research.

After months of working with reputable laboratories, new and unique formulations were developed which resulted in the start of production. As a result of the special growing conditions and traditional processing, utilizing historic granite stone mills under specific requirements of temperature and grind, Matcha green tea powder, as a raw material, contains a special “carbohydrate matrix.”

This knowledge was the key to defining these unique Matcha powdered green tea product formulations that are currently in the process of patent application. Through patenting, the exclusivity of the Matcha green tea products will be both established and highlighted. In the future this will undoubtedly benefit all Matcha products and confirm their unique appeal.

The Japanese, as a Nation, have been consuming Matcha for very nearly 1000 years and have the longest life expectancy on earth. There is clear medical evidence that this is not just a coincidence. The health benefits of Matcha green tea powder are diverse and should not be ignored.

The timing for a range of Matcha green tea products could not be better. The world is suffering from a global health crisis which has resulted from the effects of industrialization across the globe. Despite Governments’ best efforts carbon emissions continue to pollute the air we breath and the economics of farming require the maximization of yields from both crops and livestock.

Whether it is the effect of the insecticides sprayed on our crops or the steroids and hormones injected into our livestock, the net effect is that the food we eat is becoming nutritionally bankrupt.

There are an alarming number of deaths each year, as a consequence, from heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, strokes and obesity. Obesity is at crisis point in many parts of the world.

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