Tile Grout Cleaning – Colour Grout Sealer


Tile floors are an increasingly popular choice for a number of reasons.  There are available (natural and hand made) in a variety of designs and colours, can be visually pleasing when professionally installed and score highly in terms of cost durability.

Many people also decide to invest in tile floors based on the apparent belief that tile floors are much easier to keep clean and maintain.  This may be true of the tiles themselves (which often have a glossy wipe clean surface) but the floor can stick acquire an unsatisfactory look based on stains on the grout.

The grout is a construction material and it is generally used to fill gaps and seal joints – exactly like those between tiles.  Although it has a variety of uses, it is on any tiled floor or wall that you will probably see grout regularly.  It is usually composed of a mixture of cement, sand and water and is a porous substance.

One of the problems of grout is that it is usually recessed slightly lower than the surface level of the tiles, Grout sealer so it is here where any spillages will gather.  As tiled floorings are commonly used in wash rooms and kitchens, spillages are common and the porosity means that grout can be stained very quickly, even if the spillage is cleaned up almost immediately.

There are many preventative measures that can be taken to help aid cleaning efforts, but the best course of action is to apply a good quality sealer.  The sealer can either be a clear sealer or a colour grout sealer.  You may wish to consult a company which specializes in tile grout cleaning and will be able to recommend one for you.

A colour grout sealer has many advantages including being odor free, eliminating tonal and colour variations which may have developed, providing waterproof and durable protection as well as generally reducing the amount of maintenance work needed to keep the grout clean.

Colour grout sealer can allow you to change the colour of the grout or, should you so wish, match the colour that the grout or existing sealer already has.

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